New Hampshire dog proves his worth

We choose to share our lives with many types of animals.

Dogs and cats mainly. But some like birds or fish. There are ferret and rabbit fans. Others like fancy hamsters and rats. There are even those devoted to spiders, scorpions and snakes.

But only one – the dog – is called “man’s best friend”.

There are those who might argue – cat lovers in particular – but dogs have a long history of devotion and service to humans.

Just ask Cam Laundry, a man from New Hampshire who had a truck crash Monday just across the border with Vermont.

New Hampshire State Police responded to a report of a dog on the loose around 10 p.m. that evening. They found Tinsley, a one-year-old Shiloh Shepherd.

Officers say when they attempted to capture Tinsley she led them across the border where they found a rolled-up van, laundry and another person, both of whom had been thrown from the vehicle and were injured and suffered from hypothermia.

“He’s my little guardian angel,” Laundry later told NBC News.

Vermont State Police resumed the investigation as the accident was on their side. And things took a turn for the worse for Laundry. It appears he had a few drinks before getting behind the wheel and is now facing charges.

But Tinsley is fine. And thanks to her, Laundry may have legal difficulties, but at least he’s alive to face them.

The men’s best friend? We can think of one man in particular who would certainly agree.

Print title: IN OUR SIGHT / Man’s best friend: New Hampshire dog proves his worth

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