Pet Pals: Meet Harpurr

In this week’s edition of Pet Pals, we meet Harpurr and yes, you read that spelling right.

“It’s a little extra purr at the end of his name,” said Marcia Erickson, cat coordinator at the Stray Animal Adoption Program.

Harpurr is four years old and has a beautiful fur coat.

“It’s a nice long coat, long tail, very, very pretty,” Erickson said.

She loves when people take the time to brush her luscious mane to be brushed, which Erickson said is a good thing that indicates confidence.

Harpurr likes to be petted, but she is not needy. She likes to be independent.

“So it’s not a cat that’s going to be under your feet all day if you’re busy and all,” Erickson said.

Harpurr likes to spend her days hanging out in her cat tree and watching the birds outdoors.

Erickson said she is currently in foster care with a dog and is doing well with that dog. As long as the dog respects the cats, Harrpurr will get along just fine with his four-legged brother.

She is also good with kittens.

“She was a cat mom, so she’s used to kittens and their little antics,” Erickson said. She is also good with young cats.

As for children, Erickson said Harpurr’s adoptive mother had older children. Erickson therefore recommends a family with older children rather than younger children.

Harpurr is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and ready to find her forever home.

If you think Harpurr, or other pets like her, are perfect for your family, you can visit to learn more.

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