Photos of the Week: Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day

FLORIDA — Since Saturday, October 8 is World Migratory Bird Day, it only seemed appropriate to feature readers’ bird photos.

World Migratory Bird Day is dedicated to migratory bird species around the world. Birds provide vital services to the environment, from seed distribution to pollination to pest control.

Without the respect and protection of these birds, many essential functions of natural habitats would not flourish.

Throughout Florida, bird lovers can find a good share of migrating birds as they “fly south for the winter,” including ducks, geese, and cranes.

One of the most common threats to these birds is plastic, especially plastic that enters Florida’s waterways. Birds often eat plastic when foraging for food, or become entangled and trapped in it. Residents can help by reducing the use of single-use plastic and recycling plastic waste.

Pets are also a danger to birds. Domestic cats and dogs kill more than two billion birds a year. By prohibiting pets from roaming freely, residents can ensure that their pets do not harm native or migratory bird species.

In addition, car collisions cause between 89 and 340 million bird deaths per year. Some birds are more likely to be hit by cars, including seabirds, owls and ducks. To protect birds from cars, always drive carefully and watch for low-flying birds.

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