Please MB promote Adrian Wilson to GM

For the love of God and the Arizona Cardinals, please Michael Bid will not let Adrian Wilson leave the building.

Now, more than ever, it’s time for you and the Cardinals to promote Adrian Wilson to GM.

Think what a boost that would give this team and its fan base heading into its most essential offseason in ages.

Adrian Wilson is universally loved by Cardinals fans.

As a devoted Cardinals fan since November 24, 1963, the proudest and most excited I have ever been was watching the “red rain” of confetti gently fall on Adrian Wilson as he cried tears of joy. for its redbirds – after winning the Halas Trophy for the first time.

The Cardinals haven’t won a Halas trophy since – and no one on the planet would want to lift that trophy and sip more of it again than Adrian Wilson.

Think about it, Michael Bidwill — why would Byron Leftwich want Adrian Wilson to be his managing director?

Any reason you can think of is any reason you should elevate Adrian Wilson to GM status.

The number one reason is that Adrian Wilson is bleeding cardinal red.

That’s not to say Steve Keim doesn’t.

But, Steve Keim has never donned the Cardinals uniform or buckled the jugular. He never fought the good fight on the sweltering playing fields, day after day, year after year.

If you’re worried about Steve Keim, how about promoting him to senior personnel? This might be the best time for Terry McDonough to retire.

Michael Bidwill, if you polled Cardinals fans as to which man they would prefer as general manager, Adrian Wilson would win that poll in a landslide.

It’s not that the fans don’t appreciate the best Steve Keim has done for the organization – it’s just that the fans want a better product – and better results.

MB, who are the two people you thanked the most for your bold decision to hire Kliff Kingsbury?

Ernie “The QB Guy” Accorsi and Adrian Wilson.

Adrian Wilson is your man, MB.

If any man can still smell the sweet rosy scent of red confetti, that man is Adrian Wilson.

This organization needs a sense of urgency and no one has brought that sense of urgency to the Cardinals organization more than Adrian Wilson – from the very moment he walked into the building as your choice. from 3rd round in April 2001 until this very second of this very day.

Adrian Wilson is a man who knows what it takes for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes.

Because he did.

And Cardinals fans have thousands of miles of video evidence to prove it.

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