Sarah Lysne: The Joy of Birdwatching – Austin Daily Herald

It wasn’t until last summer that I started to enjoy bird watching. There are several reasons for this. We moved to a house with more trees and I retired. Now, when I’m outside, I often look up from my writing and watch the birds.

There are three bird feeders on our porch and two outside our kitchen window. The birds eat from the bird feeders on the porch even when I’m sitting in a chair just three feet away.

Some days when I look at them, I think of how we could all learn from them.

I know not all birds are like this, but the birds I observe in my garden have patience, politeness and a sense of community. Some birds also share their gifts. I like to listen to the cardinal’s beautiful song. I also like the song of the mourning dove. It reminds me of my childhood. I remember hearing a mourning dove sing on summer days while I was playing in the garden. At night, I hear an owl singing a comforting lullaby.

I first observed the patience and politeness of the black-capped chickadees. When hungry, they sit patiently and politely on a small branch near the feeder and wait for another bird to finish. They don’t seem the least bit bothered by having to wait their turn. They’re like those people you meet at the grocery store who say, “You can line up in front of me because I’m in no rush.

There is another bird in my garden that I really like. She could be a sparrow. She’s a very good mom. She has built a sturdy little nest right outside our front door. She knew what she was doing. The nest was built on top of a decorative crown. The overhang protects the nest from all types of weather.

Woodpeckers and Cardinals seem to have a strong sense of community. They stick together. Sometimes they eat together or sit together in the trees. They seem to protect each other simply by observing their surroundings. It reminds me of all the nice people who open doors for me when they notice I can’t open doors.

I hope you have birds to observe in your garden. They will bring you joy.

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