Seychelles island unveils new brand identity

Magical Seychelles again invite to visit. The appeal comes after her new look which was unveiled recently. The country, which is among the top destinations in Africa, noted that the rebranding was imperative and to allow easy adaptation to growing marketing and digital trends around the world.

“It was the right time for us to stand out again,” said Bernadette Willemin, general manager of destination marketing, Tourism Seychelles, during a meeting at L’Escale Resort recently as she unveiled the brand of revamped destination in the presence of Sherin Francis, Principal Secretary for Tourism, Tourism Seychelles.

This milestone was celebrated among esteemed members of the trade, including airline partners, hoteliers and DMC representatives.

In her presentation, the Chief Marketing Officer said that although a strong performer in the international market, the Seychelles Island brand, which debuted in 2006, needed a fresh look while adapting to growing trends in the world. marketing and digital around the world. .

Proudly presenting the new features of the “bird of freedom” logo, Bernadette Willemin gave a brief presentation to the participants, explaining the evolution of the Seychellois brand with a more modern look, wearing the national colors as she did before.

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Willemin also explained that although the evolution has taken place, the essence of the brand has been left intact by the team to ensure that the Seychelles brand remains recognizable to all of its stakeholders.

“At the beginning of the year, we decided to undertake the revitalization of our brand again with the help of the UNION, which is familiar with our brand and its logo. We also felt the need to keep our brand modern to effectively convey our message in this brave new world of multiple and new digital platforms that did not exist in 2006,” Willemin said.

For her part, the Principal Secretary for Tourism, Sherin Francis, briefly expressed her satisfaction with the dynamism and eloquence of the “new” Tourism Seychelles brand.

“I am confident that this rebranding, centered on reinvigorating our industry, will show our potential and existing visitors our commitment to redefining their Seychelles experience. With many developments in the destination in terms of products and services, we have enhanced our brand to inspire our visitors to choose us when making travel decisions.

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