Small pet shop owners in distress as government rules get strict | pet shop rules | procedural standards | formalities

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Pathanamthitta: New guidelines, including a license for the management of pet shops issued by the livestock department, have put smallholders in distress. Although the objectives of the strict measures are to bring professionalism in the sector, scientific management and the protection of animals/birds/fish sold in stores, owners of small pet shops will face the heat. Notably, many young people have found solace in the sector during the pandemic period. The new mandates put them on the alert.

It is important to note that pet store owners already pay a hefty amount to the government in the form of tax. Under the new guidelines, they are now expected to pay license fees as well.

Pet store owners also find the new warrants heavy. Persons involved in the promotion of ornamental fish must obtain approval from the Department of Fisheries. People involved in the sale of animals and birds must pay a license fee of Rs 5,000.

Those involved in the sector say it will cost hundreds of thousands of euros to comply with the new mandates and ensure allied facilities in the store. They pointed out that if the new mandates issued by the unity government are to be followed word for word, then it would be best to close up shop.

The new mandates govern matters such as dog breeding, businesses involved in sales, pet shops and ornamental fish shops. Some of the important mandates relate to sales, support staff, publication of inventory and prices, microchip tagging of certain animals, limiting the spread of disease, and regular inspection of veterinarians.

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