Songbird 2020 sci-fi thriller and movie!

This is one of the movies where the First whose production began in Covid-19 when the entire entertainment industry closed or ceased producing a new movie or film.

What is the main reason for the production of Songbird in 2020, which took place in the same year during the last month of 2020. Songbird is a american thriller and the the idea occurred to me screenwriters or producers after March, when everything was stopped and everything was forced to stay home due to coronavirus.

They decided to make a dystopian sci-fi thriller about the current pandemic situation the whole world is facing, but presenting the four-year time in 2024. This time, in 2024, the Covid-19 is set to be Covid-23 and the world in its 4th year of pandemic.

You can see how the creative ideas come to the mind of the producer to make a film based on the pandemic and the situation in the future.


They also mixed up the story with the current situation this was happening in 2020 when infected people are quarantined or taken to hospital to check their temperature to see if they are affected by the virus or not. And if the person exhibits symptoms of covid, they are forcibly taken to camp against their will to recover or die.

So the same is happening in this movie and each person is checked with their cell phone to see if their temperature is normal or not, and those who are infected are forcibly moved to restriction zones or camps.

In history Nico, a courier or a delivery person helps his beloved Sara to get out who is forcibly taken into the restriction zone when his grandmother passed away.

He is also affected by the coronavirus but had an immunity strip or shows in his hand that he is not infected with the virus and the illegal business of manufacturing such strips is operated by Griffins and Supplier Harland.

He has decided to reveal their secret but also wants to save his girlfriend who is forcibly taken to the quarantine zone to die there but Piper agrees to help Nico to save Nico’s girlfriend by proving her a group for Sara and when he reaches them he kills Harland in self-defense, then goes ahead to find Sara and gives Sara a group at the right time so that she is prevented from going at Q -zone.

In the last William and Harland illegal immunity bracelet business is disclosed by Piper and May.

Then May and Dozer started their relationship, and Nick and his girlfriend took to the Pacific Coast by motorbike, bringing his immunity group back to Lester, where Nick worked. And the story ended happily.

SongBird 2020: release date and about


The film was released on December 11, 2020 which came out in the United States and has a shelf life of 85 minutes.

The film is okay but did not satisfy the audience and the fans that they expect from the film and it won $ 409,321 against the budget of 700,000 to 2.5 million dollars, which is not good for a film to make its next part or its sequel. But the idea of ​​making such a film based on the current situation all over the world is appreciated and the film is distributed by STXfilms.

Adam Mason is the director and screenwriter of this film with Simon Boyes as the screenwriter. The film is produced by Michael bay, Marcei A. Brown, Jason Clark, Jeanette Volturno, Adam Goodman, Andrew Sugerman and Eben Davidson.

Some of the main stars of The Songbirds are KJ Apa, Sofia Carson, Craig Robinson, Bradley Whitford, Peter Stormare and many other cast members who contributed to this film during the Covid-19 era and filming took place in July and August to 2020 around Los Angeles. The film was first released by STX Films as a premium video on demand.

Then, in 2021, the film was to be premiered on various platforms and on FandangoNow, it was the 4th most praised film.

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Where to watch a Songbird sci-fi movie?

You can currently stream this thriller on different platforms-

Before watching Songbird full movie, check out its trailer which is mentioned below-

Is Songbird Worth Watching A Movie?

In my opinion, the movie didn’t generate interest like other sci-fi thriller movies, so if you want to rent this movie it’s your choice but actually I didn’t like the movie that much. .

Last lines

Songbird 2020 on the basis of the pandemic situation is ok to watch who only received 4.7 notes on 10 on IMDb and Only 9% on rotten tomatoes and with the ratings you can also get a feel for how the movie is.

So it is suggested not to rent this movie and if you really want to watch sci-fi thriller movies then spend your money on other thriller movies that everyone likes and you can also go and watch Money heist season 5 volume 2 which was released on December 3, 2021.


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