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Riding every year, I tend to like it every season.

Living in Pennsylvania, we think we have the best in the world. In the fall, we enjoy the beautiful fall leaves and the fresh fall air.

In winter, the beauty and tranquility of fresh snow and snowfall.

Spring will certainly bring life back to what was a long, cold winter.

And there is summer.

Summer is a season that brings its own soundtrack, the Summer Symphony!

I like to get up early and go out with my puppy Koda because the music is always playing. Early in the morning, a bird’s air welcomes you. A few gray catbirds have settled in our large acacia tree and speak very loudly about our neighborhood.

Soon that restoration begins (intended for puns) and the two create a constant background in the morning soundtrack. Their call is almost rhythmic, as if they had repeated several times. On top of that, the wren has a nest full of babies in a nest box that we have set up in the yard.

In their desire to protect the baby from the giant four-legged intruder and its two-legged companion, they almost sing in high-pitched trills. It’s very interesting to hear. And, especially if you’re lucky, mom’s bird arrives home with food, and the baby joins the chorus of joyous expectations.

Many days you will hear loud local Blue Jays clarinet-type additions. Don’t lose to the murder of a raven. A pear from my neighbor’s tree.

Perhaps my favorite addition to the art of this bird is pigeon cooling. This calming sound is a daily staple at our morning concerts. This concludes the musician in the birds section of the group. But that’s certainly not the whole orchestra!

This summer, a 17-year-old cicada made a special guest appearance in the percussion section. If you have been fortunate enough to witness this phenomenon, you know that the sound produced by this force created a unique and powerful accompaniment to the actions of the bird. And after their visit, our usual summer cicadas took over with a much more muffled sound, but it’s still fun.

The fun sounds added in my neighborhood are the opening sound of the parachute and the “moan” of the parachutist! Jumpplane ham is a soothing base for summer performance. We enjoy the sounds of this summer almost everyday as there is a little airport up my street where the jumpers take off and land. When the air catches the opening shot, it looks very exciting but calm. Another entry of seasonal symphonies.

The guest singer of this musical menagerie is Koda, who expresses her sheer joy with a playful Yip on a passing rabbit, or a “woof” that reminds her to throw a stick to fetch. Other guest contributors to our song include the laughing kids nearby, the occasional noises of dogs in the neighborhood, or the distant radio playing old classics while the owner swims in the pool. Understands being.

Oh, the sound of summer! I don’t think it’s really summer without the sound of an ice cream truck, playing this song and conjuring up happy childhood memories. Now is the perfect time to listen.

What symphonies are playing in your neighborhood? Listen, you might enjoy the music!


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