The 30 Under 30 People’s Choice Awards are heating up! We want you to start voting!

We understand, vote in the B&T 30 Under 30 The People’s Choice Awards are very exciting and captivating. But that does not allow you to cheat!

Unfortunately – without naming any names – one of you was caught falsifying the voting numbers by B&T‘s multi-processing, artificial intelligence, supercomputer or something, and were disqualified.

However, the competition is still on and we’re still eager to see which of you marketingcomms pros have the charisma and likable charm to win a People’s Choice Award at the next B&T 30 Under 30 Event.

At this point, it looks like OMD Australia’s Onam Khatri is still comfortably ahead with 32,842 votes, well ahead of Half Dome’s Cassie Longmuir and Finder’s Soujanya Datta, with 1,895 and 1,640 votes, respectively.

You can check out the standings, as of this morning, below:

name Votes (so far)
1. Onam Khatri – WCO Australia 32,842
2. Cassie Longmuir – Half Dome 1895
3. Soujanya Datta – Researcher 1640
4. Neil Sura – Octagon 1531
5. Joanna Szkurat – Zenith Media 1521
6. Eugenia Yeung – Digital cover 1235
7. Alysha Calder – Nine 1233
8. Emmalee Fagerström – Yahoo 1219
9. Arushi Srivastava – Cash Rewards 1212
10. Luc Duignan – Seven 1206

As you can see, Onam Khatri has opened up a backroad between herself and current runner-up Cassie Longmuir. However, further down the list, things are a bit more heated, with only a handful of votes separating Octagon’s Neil Sura and Zenith Media’s Joanna Szkurat, and a similar number of votes separating sixth through tenth place.

If Neil Goldman Dressed As Uncle Sam Isn’t A Big Enough Clue, We Want you to exercise your democratic right and have your say in adland’s biggest and most prestigious popularity contest.

Don’t see your name or your friend’s name up there? Want to hold your ground or rush to the top at the last minute? With only one week left, it’s time to crack and vote!

You can VOTE HERE for as many people as you want, but remember that you can only vote once before your opportunity closes. And voting closes on Monday, March 7. So dizzy, buttercup!

The 30 Under 30 Awards, presented by Vevo, are widely regarded as the premier showcase for the brightest young talent working in marketing communications.

Three outstanding individuals will be recognized for their achievements in each of the 10 categories, along with a Grand Prize for the most influential person overall.

You can find all the reward details on the right here and, to avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend that you gather your team and reserve your seats at the 30 Under 30 Awards party by purchasing early bird tickets (your bank account will thank you later).

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