The best burgers in Perth: Local Bird, Betty’s Burgers, Two Stacks, Compton Burgers, Bad Love Burger Co.

As a longtime member of the Perth Burger Hunters Facebook group, I have the pedigree and passion to deliver juicy, honest opinions on Perth’s favorite burgers.

In the name of research, I recently visited five local favorites – let’s see how they compare.

Cheezy-E with a Cheese Dip

Compton Burgers

Compton Burgers in Stirling Street in Northbridge is a star-studded contender with the endorsement of music greats like Coolio and Jack Harlow. I had a single Cheezy-E patty ($13) to dip in their famous cheese bath ($7), which wrapped the burger in a plastic yellow blanket. However, the burg is better solo. I sing a song of praise over her grilled onions which are perfectly balanced with the pancake juices. 8/10.

Camera iconCompton Burgers – Cheezy-E burger with a cheese dip. Credit: April Ooi

spicy bird

local bird

Much is said about the champions of the Local Bird chicken, in Tuart Hill. The Spicy Bird ($17.50) was loaded with periwinkle coleslaw, which was addictive and milky without being sickly creamy. The burger looked more like a phoenix – something fiery, bestial-sized and absolutely captivating on camera. It burst through the weak bun which wrinkled and thinned as the Nashville sauce ran down. 9/10.

Local Bird's Spicy Bird, with periwinkle salad.
Camera iconLocal Bird’s Spicy Bird, with periwinkle salad. Credit: April Ooi

Classic Noosa Surfing

Betty’s Burgers

Betty’s Burgers is a new Australian burger restaurant that has landed in Perth, right next to Forrest Chase’s cactus. I ordered their Noosa Classic Surf special ($17.50) because of the promise of prawns. The beef was tough as a wetsuit, but overall an ok experience. 6/10

The Noosa Classic Surf from Betty's Burgers in the CBD.
Camera iconThe Noosa Classic Surf from Betty’s Burgers in the CBD. Credit: April Ooi


Bad Love Burger Co.

Bad Love Burger Co.’s Classic ($16.50) knows how to draw crowds to its West Leederville home, with its double trouble guarantee (two smashed patties) and crispy beef lattice. 9/10

Classic burger from Bad Love Burger Co.
Camera iconClassic burger from Bad Love Burger Co. Credit: April Ooi

Classic cheese smash

Two batteries

Two Stacks is hidden in the maze of The Sunshine Harvester Works food hall in Fremantle. The Classic Cheese Smash ($16.50) is another crunchy treat featuring an egg-washed bun and a tasty addition of seasoned fries ($4.50). In the future I would swap the homemade ‘batteries sauce’ for ready made BBQ – it was a kind of creamy that stuck to the tongue, got boring after three bites. 7/10

Fremantle's favorite classic Two Stacks cheeseburger.
Camera iconFremantle’s favorite classic Two Stacks cheeseburger. Credit: April Ooi

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