The girl fell in love with a recovery officer, got married at the police station

Ranchi: A young woman from Jharkhand and a young man from Jharkhand got married on Friday in Patna, the capital of Bihar. The lovebirds were married by officers from the Phulwari Sharif Police Station in Patna. The youngster is from Baradih in Jharkhand while the girl is from Hazaribagh in Ramgarh, Jharkhand.

According to the same report, the mother of Hazaribagh’s daughter in Ramgarh, Jharkhand had taken out the loan. She was unable to repay the loan money. For this reason, the recovery agent Amar Kumar continued to visit the young girl, a resident of Baradih in Jharkhand. Amar continued to pressure the girl’s mother to repay the loan money. A girl named Ritu gave her heart to the same loan collector.

The same love of Amar and Ritu began to deepen over time. A few days later, there was a time when the two vowed to live and die together. The girl left her home with Amar and fled to Bihar and the two began to live in Patna. The girl and boy are said to have lived in the Phulwari area of ​​Patna for the past six months. Two days ago, Amar categorically refused to marry the girl. The girl then reached the Phulwari Sharif police station and told the police all about Ramkathi. The police persuaded the young girl who had come to press charges against Amar and reached an agreement between the two. The two were married at Shiva temple in Phulwari Sharif in the presence of police officers. The two returned to Jharkhand after the wedding.

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