The internet loves the front row seats of rescue cats for bird watching

Whether it’s chasing them around the garden or chatting through the window, all cat owners know how much their pets love birds. If they can get a front row seat to watch their feathered friends (and possibly have lunch), well, that’s even better.

A pet owner has gone viral on TikTok for making sure his four pampered pussies get the VIP treatment. Not content to watch birds from a windowsill, these tabbies have their own comfy seat and a view of the deck to enjoy the show.

The footage was posted by the myjerkcats account on Sunday, April 10, along with the caption: “When you give cats a front row seat to [bird] watch #rescuecatsoftiktok.”

The video, which can be viewed here, has been viewed over 2.8 million times and received over 300,000 likes.

The account belongs to Kim, from Peterborough in Ontario, Canada. She has five cats in total: Larry (far left), Daryl (center left), Dean (center right), Bruce (far right) and Gina (not in the video).

She said Newsweek“These boys all love watching and singing birds together. They always hang out in groups. As you can see in the video, they ruined the leather seats of my beautiful mid-century modern chairs.”

She also owns three dogs, including Pepper the whippet and Mister the greyhound mix, who can be seen having their vision of “squirrels and chipmunks stranded” by the cats’ escapades.

She added: “I could say [they] were annoyed that I blocked their view of squirrels and chipmunks. We call it their daily ‘squirrel valence’.”

While it’s adorable to see how fascinated the cats are with the birds, it’s much better for local biodiversity to have the cats watch them from the inside (you can even join them for some quality bonding time, like this guy).

A 2020 study found that their presence and predation can disrupt local wildlife, including birds, mammals and reptiles, and cats have been implicated in the extinction of at least 63 species worldwide. PETA recommends keeping cats indoors, not just for local wildlife, but for the cats themselves. Indoor cats are less prone to infectious diseases and safe from dangers such as cars and dog attacks.

Kim is also currently raising three older kittens and has cared for over 100 cats over the past three years. She volunteers for Operation Catnip, a “TNR group” (which stands for Trap, Neuter, Return).

She said: “Larry, Darryl and Dean were adopted from a shelter, and Gina was a failed foster. Bruce came from a litter of a friend’s cat. None of the other kittens looked like Bruce.”

While Larry, his brother Daryl, Dean, and Gina are all domestic shorthairs, Bruce has a rare condition that means he has no undercoat, feathery, wispy hair, and missing teeth.

Kim wrote: “He has some kind of rare recessive gene and thanks to TikTok we have met other cats like him.”

The images received 1,000 comments from users loving these whimsical felines watching the show in style.

Yasserawad108 said, “Front row seats aren’t bad.”

Zayane Malik commented, “PURRFECT,” while Colmex added, “Things we do for love.”

TikTok users also loved that in the birding video, the boys appeared to be lined up in order of hair length.

Reoloky said, “Got from more floof to short floof, they’re so cute.”

The fact that the boys are all tabbies didn’t go unnoticed either, with Abigail Rose Beard quipping, “I see you got a guy.”

Apparently, Kim isn’t the only one who makes sure her cats have the best eyesight.

Venia Andreou commented: “I do that too!”

While Unknown agreed, saying, “I love doing this with my babies.”

These four rescue cats will settle for nothing less than the VIP treatment. (Left to right) Larry, Daryl, Dean and Bruce the bird watching cats.

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