The release of OWN Execs signals more change at Warner Bros. Discovery

Jennifer Giddens and Karen Grant-Selma

Jennifer Giddens and Karen Grant-Selma
Photo: OWN

So, Discovery of Warner Bros. is a mess.

All companies go through transitions after a merger, however, things have gotten particularly chaotic as the company makes major changes to its various television networks.

According Variety, four OWN senior executives were fired. Among them are General Counsel Karen Grant-Selma and Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Giddens. Grant-Selma is a veteran of the business who previously held top positions at Universal Pictures, Live Nation Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation. Giddens has served as an executive at Universal Kids and Netflix’s children and family division.

While leadership turnover after a merger isn’t normally a big deal, when combined with the endless chaos and wild decisions (like cancel a highly anticipated $ 90 million superhero movie and lay off 70% of your streaming network staff) from Warner Bros. Discovery, it raises questions about what the company has planned for OWN.

With sugar queen is set to end after its upcoming seventh season, and Warner Bros. Discovery more focused on unscripted content, it looks like the network will follow TBS/TNT’s lead and move away from scripted series. If this is the plan, then things are even worse than expected.

We Previously reported at The root than produced by LeBron James house party the reboot has been pulled from HBO Max’s schedule, with no new plans announced for the film. The studio also canceled Tracy Morgan’s TBS comedy The last OGand end the TNT drama snowdrops with its forthcoming fourth season.

While the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav obviously has a lot of brands to ruin, especially the DC Extended Universe, he needs to keep his supervillain hands off our dark content. We don’t have a lot of networks doing quality programming specifically for black audiences, so maybe he can just let us have OWN and go crazy at TLC.

And by the way, leave sesame street only. Friday, Variety reported that 200 episodes of sesame street had been removed from HBO Max.

Seriously, who has a problem with Big Bird and Snuffleupagus?

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