Tiago PZK spoke out against the haters: “I’m an artist, not a model”

2021 has been a dream year for Tiago PZK, who has deepened the path started with the launch of “Sola” at the beginning of 2020 and has ended up confirming that he is one of the Argentinian artists with the greatest international development. Owner of a to flow killer and a melodic ability that can take him from reggaeton to r & b nonstop, he’s also messed up like a agent of change of the hegemonic models of beauty.

In the last hours, and after being criticized in the networks (where else?) For his appearance, the rapper took up the tracks and returned the attacks with rhythm and substance. “Sorry but I am not to answer your beauty stereotypes I am an artist not an OBVIO BOBIS model“He tweeted for his more than 800,000 subscribers on the bird’s social network. To the touch, he’s gotten thousands of “likes” and responses from his fans, ranging from asking her to marry him to memes that validate his status as a youth idol.

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Tiago PZK and Bizarrap, an explosive duo

“Biza let her go but Gotti caught her,” she rapped on “Bizarrap Session Vol. 48,” which in just one week has become a global phenomenon and is fast becoming the theme of the between the nods to the different Sessions (Nicky Jam’s, Nathy Peluso’s), the artists build a to hit around different Beats which intertwine and which mark Tiago’s adaptability to changes.

After having suffered the leak of the subject, Bizarrap decided to advance the publication and last Tuesday he uploaded this song which has become a trend in several countries in Latin America and Europe. “So it leaked ?? well, it comes out today then. Happy New Year ”, he wrote. on their social networks. A week later, he already garners 25 million views on YouTube.

The remix of “Entre Nosotros” with María Becerra and Nicki Nicole

Another of the musical bombs that Gotti is preparing – which will release his first album in 2022 – is the remix of “Entre Nosotros”, song that originally has a with by Lit Killah and exceeds 250 million views, which will feature the voices of María Becerra and Nicki Nicole.

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“Wacho the two women who break the most and who represent us have joined” Entre Nosotros RMX “, an honor for me VAMO ARGENTINA KRAJO”, wrote the singer in his networks breaking the mystery that has occurred in recent days on the participation of the two references in the song.

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