Top 10 Phillies Players With Best Walk-Up Songs

The evolution of walk-in music has gone from an occasional ditty by a creative stadium organist to a staple in baseball history for players, fans and organizations.

But how did it start? In the 1970s, organist Nancy Faust would play each White Sox player’s home state song as they made their way to the plate. Fans began to take an interest in it, believing that it helped the performance of players.

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Now, whether it’s Led Zeppelin, Meek Mill, or any genre in between, players are recognized in their home ball parks by their song choices. They are a window into each player’s personality and interests.

In a long history of many song options, it hasn’t been easy to compile a list of Phillies players with the best walk-in songs. Here are the top 10.

Pierre signed a minor league contract with the Phillies in 2012 and chose a Philadelphia hit as his title track – The eye of the tiger by Survivor.

The song was released in 1982 and was the soundtrack to Rocky III.

Maybe The eye of the tiger motivated Pierre, who hit .307. It certainly made Rocky beat Clubber Lang.

The book by Todd Zolecki and Jim Salisbury, The rotation: a season with the Phillies and the greatest pitching team ever assembled, mentioned Kevin Camiscioli, former director of video services for the Phillies. Camiscioli asked Halladay what he would like his warm-up music to be. Halladay said he didn’t care because he couldn’t even hear her.

Camiscioli told music director Mark Wyatt to play Led Zeppelin, and good times bad times was an excellent selection from Wyatt.

Zeppelin had to play all over the Phillies locker room. Utley didn’t care much about his marching song, but he finally decided to Cashmere.

“I went home, listened to it, and said, ‘You know what, the start of this is pretty cool. It creates drama and has a good vibe,” Utley said.

The best walk-in song moment had to be when Utley returned to Citizen Bank Park in 2016 as the Los Angeles Dodger. He came up to bat with Cashmere play in the background. Everyone in the crowd stood and cheered for the six-time All Star, who won a World Series with the team in 2008.

Howard used the song RICO by Meek Mill and Drake as backing music during his final year with the team in 2016.

A fun fact about this song is that it was the last single the two artists collaborated on before their feud in 2015. The Philadelphia-based rapper slammed Drake on Twitter after being upset over Drake’s non-involvement in promoting the album. Dreams are worth more than money. Mill claimed that Drake used ghostwriters to write songs.

Stop comparing drake to me too…. He doesn’t write his own raps! That’s why he doesn’t tweet my album because we found out!

— Sweet Mill (@MeekMill) July 22, 2015

A few diss tracks later, the two ended their beef in 2018, dropping the single It’s bad.

Saunder played one season with the Phillies in 2017. The outfielder struggled to hit a .205 batting average with six homers, but had a great walk song, featuring Biggie Smalls. Hypnotize.

The 90s R&B hit was the last song released before Biggie died in a drive-by shooting on March 9, 1997.

Hypnotize carried the legacy of The Notorious BIG, being heard in movies, TV shows and, in this case, a walk-in song.

Hamels used the famous rock and roll song Stunned by AC/DC for his pitching warm-ups.

The single dropped in 1990 and is still memorable. As for the opening verses, Thunderstruck succeeds with a guitar riff that builds more and more throughout the song.

Another pitcher who chose an iconic heavy metal song to warm up to is Wagner with Enter Sandman by Metallica.

It has to be on Metallica’s greatest hits list, as it’s also one of the band’s most streamed songs and has often been performed live at award shows. Speaking of buildup – the ’90s single doesn’t have vocals for more than a minute.

Stubbs used the easy wit and sounds of That’s life by Frank Sinatra as the catcher’s backing music.

This classic tune is a different rhythm than rock. That’s life actually became one of Sinatra’s top five hits during a time when rock music was dominating the charts in the 80s.

Eflin warms up ahead of home games with Lynyrd Skynyrd opening notes Free Bird. The chilling ’70s song helps balance Eflin’s emotions on the mound.

After Free Bird was released in 1973, the song became more popular over time. It was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll and in rolling stone‘s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

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Harper, a man with a long list of superstitions he crosses before every game, has most likely thought about his choice of music without a date.

The slugger has three more songs he’ll ride to the mound – Heaven by Bazzi, Young once by Sam Hunt Roll with me by Nelly and City Spudmost – but he said he was most associated with Flower by Moby.

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