Twitter reacts: Cardinals down 20-17 on late game management and special teams mishaps

Man, oh man, what a slow start…a thrilling second half and a DESTROYED game for the Cardinals.

Let’s see how Twitter reacted the day Arizona fought the Eagles.

For starters, Eagles fans were on hand and loudly applauding their former star player, now on the Cards.

To open, Arizona used a lot of plays against Rondale Moore and… they didn’t go so well.

The Eagles rolled through Arizona and Kyler threw deep for Hollywood but was picked, a brutal streak that continued the slow starts.

Between the pick and the lack of points, it seemed like another slow first quarter for AZ.

In fact, it looked like Jalen Hurts was HIM (as the kids say) and Kyler wasn’t.

But of course… everything has to change in the second half…

Arizona missed a chance on their last drive, during which they scored with a field goal, but could have had so much more…

The Arizona defense buckled and Zach Allen had a pass…yeah, he’s going to get paid this offseason, I guarantee it.

The Cardinals ran the ball for a TRICK PLAY to pick up a 4th clutch and wow, gotta love Kliff’s guts.

However, they had to settle for 3.

The Cards missed Ertz twice in that game (once later when it was wide open) but ended up showing some life before the end of the half


The Eagles recovered both their starting LG and Center, who had run out of time. Didn’t stop Zach Allen, though.

The defense has strengthened, the attack too!

A long conversion saved a Cards reader…

However, all was not rosy for the offense…

It didn’t matter because Murray took the 3rd down when they needed to score points…

Kyler Murray with… crazy game.

Did the defense keep its promises? Like Digiorno:

Then the unthinkable! The cards were in business!

They scored with Eno Benjamin and we saw an even game after some great first tries with the ball.

It wasn’t pretty but AZ did their part to have a chance to win, or at least an FG for overtime.

It cost Jalen Thompson but the Eagles were lucky to avoid an interception and still take the lead. Thompson said after the game that he was fine.

Kyler had 8 winning drives… could this be his 9th?

And of course… a disaster for the Cards.

He missed the wide shot to the right. Oh my God…

After the match, Kliff explained:

In the end, Arizona showed a lot of heart and a spark of life, against an undefeated Eagles team, just that.

They have a chance to finish 3-3 with a game next week on the road against the Seattle Seahawks.

What was your favorite tweet of the day?

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