Watch Anya Taylor-Joy (maybe literally) eat the rich in disturbing ‘The Menu’ teaser

The director of Succession takes us all back to that weird restaurant where Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and Greg (Nicholas Braun) ate an entire bird. You might remember the “ortolan” meal, where the two boys would duck under napkins to feast on a songbird, bones and all. It’s a long way from California Pizza Kitchen. We all wanted to know more about this scary diet, so why not make a whole movie out of it?

The menurealized by Successionis Mark Mylod, released their first teaser and it’s incredibly disturbing. Scream queen Anya Taylor-Joy is back in horror mode, but this time things are a little different: Instead of the London Underground or grimy Viking ships, the actress is dressed in an elegant evening dress and heads for a fine dining establishment. .

But instead of a good night out in Dorsia, Margot (Taylor-Joy) is forced into a harrowing meal among the rich with her boyfriend Tyler (Nicholas Hoult). The meal – which sends some to tears of joy, others to utterly petrified sobs – is prepared by celebrity chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes, aka Voldemort).

“Over the next few hours, you’ll be ingesting fats, salts, proteins, and sometimes entire ecosystems,” Slowik says as he greets his guests. “You, my dear guests, are not the common man. What happens inside this room is meaningless compared to what happens outside. We are only a frightened nano-second. Nature is timeless.

As restaurant workers, customers and construction trample fragile land, it’s clear that this is a pretty damning critique of the current environmental crisis, particularly the major flaws in the food industry. But there’s also plenty of satire about wealth, given that Margot is unwelcome in a sea of ​​wealthy foreigners.

And when the apparent violence erupts, you can’t help but wonder what exactly could happen to the victims at this restaurant with one-of-a-kind food?

Along with Taylor-Joy, Hoult and Fiennes, Hong Chau, John Leguizamo, Janet McTeer, Judith Light and Reed Birney are expected to star. Mark Mylod directs the film with Succession alum Adam McKay has also set an EP. Because, remember, Adam McKay is a fierce defender of the climate. Remember Don’t look up?

The menu hits theaters on November 18, just in time for you to doubt your Thanksgiving holiday.

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