Watch the sunset | OC Birds | Bay Bridge Magic: California in pictures

THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIA – From its beaches to its deserts and mountains, from its lakes and forests to its small towns and big cities, there is so much to see in California! And we started to think: why not share with you the photos we receive, and that we see elsewhere?

Thanks to several Patch readers who have been very busy lately with their cameras, we are able to share the photos below taken across the state. Take a look at this week’s “California In Photos” for a look at the daily life and scenery of coastal northern California and coastal southern California.

It’s your state, it’s your shot!

It’s up to you, photographers. Whether you’re a hobbyist, professional, Instagrammer, or just someone who always has your phone or camera handy so you don’t miss the perfect shot, we’re excited to see and share your work. If you have a great nature photo, breathtaking scenery, kids caught being kids, a pet doing something funny, or something unusual you catch, we’d love it. to present it here on Patch.

We’re looking for high resolution images that reflect the beauty of California and showcase your unique talents. Share your best photos with Patch and your work could be featured in your community as well as in this weekly California in Pictures collection. Email your submissions to Be sure to include your name, city, photo location and date.

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