Weather Station Shares Sweet ‘How Should I Look At The Stars’ Ballad Album

Toronto’s Tamara Lindeman has shared her new album as The Weather Station, How come I should look at the starsavailable now via Folders next door.

The album complements last year’s Ignoring. All songs from How come I should look at the stars were written at the same time as Ignoring. Emotionally, the tracks on both albums deal with similar themes like disconnection, conflict, love, birds and weather. The tunes on this album were much softer, however, so Lindeman decided to collect them into a new record.

“When I wrote Ignoring, it was a time of intense creativity and I wrote more songs than ever in my life,” Lindeman says of the album. “The songs that were meant to be on the album were clear from the start, but as I continued on my writing journey, songs kept popping up that didn’t belong on the album I had. I was envisioning. Simple, pure songs; almost naive. Songs that spoke to many of the same issues and realities as Ignorance, but in a more internal and reflective way. So I started imagining How come I should look at the stars, a quiet and eerie ballad album. I didn’t imagine it as a sequel to Ignorance, but rather as a companion; the moon to its sun.

Flux How come I should look at the stars below.

The disc was recorded live at Canterbury Music Studios in Toronto from March 10-12, 2020. How come I should look at the stars features the previously released “Endless Time”.

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