Weekly love horoscope from August 14 to 20, 2022: here is the information for Libra, Leo and Taurus

Having been stuck in the generic sun sign prediction but never understood why, as emotions are represented by the moon sign. In love, we seek the SIGN OF VENUS & we assume the role of SIGN RISING. So just google your VENUS SIGN with Moon SIGN to connect better. Let us know more with Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.

Unlock your potential by recovering from the past and doing a side hustle
Relationship: you see a change of events and don’t panic about changing the time
Complicated-Ty to bring your old potential into the new you and see your changing wisdom
Song- if i told you so
Shopping Color – Gray

Unique Wisdom Brings Time-Shifting As New Perspective Emerges Through Daily Experiences
Relationship-You discover a moment in between as deep truths come to light for you.
It’s complicated – it can happen as times change and you get slipped every time, so try experimenting with a new approach
mockingbird song
Shopping Color – Gold


Single – Experience your state of consciousness and don’t jump to conclusions.
Relationship – you can adapt to each other’s mindset, so use that to your advantage
Complicated – Try to bring awareness to what happened and what not to repeat.
Song – Danza kudro
shopping color-blue

Single-Discover your inner child and help you find a new perspective
Relationship – The truth will set you free, as long as both recognize each other’s value.
Complicated – A shift in mindset via meditation will help you open up truths and beliefs more than you think
Song – gupabi aankhein
Shopping Color – Green

help you heal because the past always holds you back and renews your energy
The relationship time to support each other is shown, and give each other a new experience to show your support.
Complicated and difficult circumstances can often be a fast track to your desires, so keep rushing.
Song – Hotline bling
Shopping color – orange

Single- A you seem all over the place, it is advisable to do some grounding exercises
Relationship circumstances have affected the energy and caused you to feel disconnected.
Complicated – it’s normal to feel a bit scattered and overwhelmed when bumping into old patterns
Song – brown eyes
Color shopping – Jamuni


Single, nothing went wrong, just take it as a hindrance as new ideas are tried.
Relationship – Over the past few days a shift has come on its way out of the blue that has given you reality check, but take it as it comes and hold on
Complicated – could have felt like the body and mind were going through a crack, but more exercise is needed.
Song – It Wasn’t Me
Shopping Color – Black

Single – Love yourself first to master your emotions through deep focus and healing.
Relationship-now would be a good time to take a break and spend some time with nature.
Complicated – Gently reflect on how far you’ve come and as long as you choose to control your emotions.
Song- Black & yellow
Shopping color – white

Single – You are ready to start a new journey and some soul-searching may be needed. As a new beginning is shown
Relationship – Take it easy with yourself, while staying away from any new arguments.
Complicated- b courageous because the present moments may make you think of days past.
Song- Tu aayke delhke le
Yellow color

Single life is happening for you, not for you, so don’t hold back and keep your mind intact.
Relationship-Find new ideas, topics and discussions to celebrate upcoming events.
Complicated – you are ready to receive answers from the universe, which you may have avoided so far
Song – Madahniya
Red color


Single, you’re ready to live your life with the wisdom of your heart, so make adrenaline-rushed decisions.
Relationship – You may have seen 1111 as a reflection of good times ahead and staying positive.
Complicated – Recall some or all of the events that may have made you feel incomplete and know that you are in control of your life.
Song-Bhool bhulaiya 2
shopping color – Crimson Red

Single – your mind and heart are expanding, so listen to the unsaid wishes you thought of in your childhood slam book to complete them now.
Relationship: you are or will soon find it easier to interpret and understand the mood of the other
Complicated – open the door you closed to your friends and close one trying to save the past.
Shopping color – Purple

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