Who is Mark Kalman? Meet Bella Hadid’s Boyfriend

model Bella Hadid who has paraded on catwalks around the world is back in the limelight as the 25-year-old American model was spotted sharing a passionate kiss with her current boyfriend Marc Kalman.

The 25-year-old American model and her 33-year-old boyfriend suffered lip blockage while out in New York on March 20.

The lovebirds spent some quality time together at Manhattan’s Hudson River Park, where she was seen reading a book while lounging next to her beau. She was seen leaning on Marc’s side as they relaxed on a patch of green grass at the park.

Well, with this hot topic making the rounds of the internet, Bella Hadid fans are curious to know more about Marc Kalman.

Read on to find out all about her boyfriend in our article below!

Who is Mark Kalman?

Marc Kalman worked as an art director for Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Travis Scott. Kalman is popular for his work with Scott in the music business and has an impressive list of projects including doing album covers for Scott, creating branding and designing a logo for Milk Studio’s Made Fashion Week, among other high-level concerts.

He also has titles like “fashion assistant” for the New York Times and T Magazine. Kalman maintains a very low profile on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

His Instagram account is private and followed by famous personalities like designer Virgil Abloh, musician Diplo and model Fai Khadra.

Bella prefers to keep her relationship with Marc private

Bella does her best to keep her relationship with Kalman private. She doesn’t like discussing her personal life in public this time around compared to her previous high-profile relationship with The Weeknd.

Speaking about her two-year relationship with Kalman, Hadid in an interview with Vogue said, “I think that’s why things were able to last. When you give others the opportunity to have opinions about things that are so personal to you, it poisons him.

Bella and Marc’s relationship was reportedly revealed in July 2021

Rumors about his relationship began on July 21 when they were seen spending time together in France for Paris Fashion Week and the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Hadid, who is very active on Instagram, had then posted some photos of her mysterious and loving man who hinted to her fans and subscribers her current boyfriend. They were quick enough to identify him as Marc Kalman.

In one of the photos featured, she was seen posing in front of the sea in a revealing pink plaid outfit while in another photo she looked intimate with Kalman. The caption of the article read: “Time of my life… Healthy, working and loved.

This is how Bella and Marc met

If you’re guessing that Hadid and Kalman first met at a Kardashian party, let me tell you, that’s wrong because they were bonded through their work in the fashion industry.

Hadid and Kalman were introduced by mutual friends and were first seen together in June 2021 at a lunch date in New York.

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