Why not the two of them? 8 books with love triangles that end in polyamory


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The love triangle trope has been popular, it seems, forever. Movies like Titanic, Casablanca, and dozens of others in the 1980s, 90s and 2000s all put three people, all yearning for each other, in the ring to fight. Especially in the YA space in the early 2000s, this was a common theme to find when picking something random from the shelves. dusk, Divergent, and Hunger games all did. After that, everyone too.

Recently, however, the likes have moved away from the love triangle, with some readers declaring it. the worst trope in literature or argue for nothing more. Often times readers cite a long list of irritants that accompany the trope. One suitor obviously being a better match, for example, while the other is rude or cruel or downright abusive. Some cite an unfriendly main character, which makes it hard to believe that they have more than one love interest at the same time. Others say it’s rude to chain two people like this together and end up with a disgust for everyone involved.

If you’re one of those people who shuns love triangles, you’ll be excited to hear about a new take on the trope hitting the shelves: love triangles that end in polyamory. While the beginning of many of these novels echoes the typical story of love triangle rivalry and indecision, at the end the characters shrug their shoulders and say, “Why not both?” Which makes the character dynamics super fun and interesting and adds a freshness to the oft-made trope.

Does this sound like something you might like? Try one of these eight books with love triangles that end in polyamory!

Xiran Jay Zhao Iron Widow Blanket

Iron widow by Xiran Jay Zhao

Described as Pacific Rim meets The Handmaid’s Tale, Iron Widow is a young adult sci-fi adventure full of robots and Chinese history that is sure to grab your attention from the first page. With a storyline that attempts to dismantle the patriarchy, a main character inspired by Empress Wu Zetian, the only female Emperor of China, and the beginnings of a typical, jealous love triangle all evolve into something more complex and far more complex. More fun. You are sure to fall in love with the characters at the same time as them.

Adapted by Malinda Lo Cover

Adaptation and Heritage by Malinda Lo

The Adaptation The series is a must read for anyone looking for an unconventional ending to a love triangle. When the birds of North America go haywire and start causing plane crashes, Reese and her lover David hit the road. After one of these winged lunatics crashes their car, Reece wakes up a month later with no idea what happened, and the doctors at the military hospital don’t say much either. . Back home, there are curfews, dead birds, and conspiracies. Oh, and a girl named Amber, she just keeps feeling attracted to. The two Adaptation and Heritage are sure to make you love love triangles again.

Cover The Fifth Season of NK Jemisin

The fifth season by NK Jemisin

Jemisin’s first book Broken earth trilogy, The fifth season is a dystopian science fiction fantasy novel about three women grappling with the consequences of a world without sun and water. Thanks to split POVs and exquisite world building, you are sure to be captivated by this book filled with magic and nature. Plus, there’s kind of a transformed love triangle… something messy and complicated and more. In Jemisin’s words, it is “not a threesome, or a love triangle. It’s a two and a half, a corner of affection. (Well, maybe it is love.) ”

Mary McCoy's Indestructible Object Blanket

Indestructible object by Mary McCoy

After Lee’s boyfriend and podcast co-host breaks up with her, she’s set off for a loop. Of course, bad luck comes in threes as she loses her job and her parents go their separate ways. And, honestly, it’s pretty hard to do a love podcast when her heart is broken. So, Lee brings together two new co-hosts to start something new: a podcast on the reality of love. It is inevitable, surrounded by love stories, that feelings begin to develop. What Lee didn’t expect was how great those feelings were and who they were directed to.

Strange Grace cover by Tessa Gratton

Strange grace by Tessa Gratton

This young adult fantasy has it all – relationships with the devil, sacrifices in the forest, and a weird atmosphere to rock you. Address gender roles and family obligations, Strange grace Also features a fascinating city, interesting characters and an unconventional love triangle that you are sure to love. If you are looking for witches and forests and the darkness of night has now arrived, be sure to try this.

This song is (not) for you by Laura Nowlin Cover

This song is (not) for you by Laura Nowlin

Best friends Ramona and Sam are in a group and the group is missing… something. When they meet Tom, they realize that they have found their missing piece. But when Ramona begins to take into account the feelings she has for Sam and her growing feelings for Tom, it threatens the stability of the group. This original and fun contemporary YA is sure to delight. Plus, it has asexual representation, something the genre needs a lot more!

EK Johnston's The Inevitable Victorian Thing Cover

That inevitable victorian thing by EK Johnston

The premise is great: a futuristic Victorian young adult novel full of high tea parties, decadent balls and arranged marriages based on a genetic twinning program. But, the program only takes into account heterosexual couples. In a story that revolves around a princess, a debutante and heiress to a great company sailing a summer of freedom before their pre-established destinies intervene. That inevitable victorian thing is a romantic and fun adventure that is sure to keep you entertained.

Rachel Hartman Shadow Scale Blanket

Shadow scale by Rachel Hartman

A sequel to Seraphine, Shadow scale continues the love triangle set up by the first novel. This high fantasy novel for young adults is full of dragons, kingdoms, and beautiful writing! In a world precariously balanced on peace between dragons and humans, war breaks out, sending Seraphina on a journey to gather all the half-dragons and fight their own persecution. Taking up the romantic tension of a love triangle from the first book, Shadow scale brings it all to a happy, albeit subtle, ending.

Are you one of the readers who loves love triangles? Check out these must-haves! Or, do you want to learn more about romantic tropes? Here is a practical guide! Whatever your interests, I hope you jump on the polyamorous reading bandwagon and enjoy one of those books with love triangles that end in polyamory.


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